Developers of GeoServices

Develop new services at low cost

CLOUDEO Lab and CLOUDEO Development Environment give you access to a wide range of geo data, software, applications and unlimited processing power. You can develop new services at low cost and present your results in confidence, knowing that you will retain full control of your assets. You can even get feedback from potential customers during the development phase helping to reduce the risk and cost of market entry.

Operate using CloudEO's infrastructure

You can operate your services using CloudEO’s infrastructure. This greatly increases your speed to market – there is no time wasted transferring your service operation online. CloudEO is designed to get you up and running quickly.

Generate revenue through CLOUDEO Store

Through CLOUDEO Store, you can sell your products and services to potential customers. You can even use CloudEO to create a dedicated branded store just for your products and services – saving you a great deal of development time and cost.

You can deliver your products and services through CLOUDEO Store via download or web-service. CLOUDEO Store is flexible: just choose the delivery format that best suits the requirements of your business and your customer. And CloudEO handles it all, including authentication, registration, security and reliability.

Execute large scale projects using CloudEO's scalable infrastructure

CloudEO enables small and medium-sized enterprises to handle large scale projects. Our pay-to-use model enables you to scale up your operation rapidly, while only paying for the resources you use.

Developers of geo-services