Providers of geodata

CLOUDEO offers a platform for every type of geo data. If you produce earth observation data from space, airborne imagery, Lidar data, cadastre data, height data, land cover analysis, feature layers or any other data with geospatial relevance, you can generate additional revenue with CLOUDEO.

It doesn’t matter if your data comes from a specific project, an archive of historical data, or continuous data – CLOUDEO can help you resell it and generate additional revenue.

  • By putting your data into the CLOUDEO Store, you make it available to a wide range of users who may want to purchase it.
  • By putting it into the CLOUDEO Data Library and CLOUDEO Development Environment, you make it accessible to others who may want to use it as the basis of their project – generating both immediate returns and future revenue.

Providers of geo-data

Get additional revenue from your geo-data