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we see the huge potential of geodata and make it accessible for anyone: humans, machines, the internet of things,... anytime. anywhere.

Not only do we offer valuable geodata, geo-IT and geosoftware, we also create totally new opportunities for the monetarization of data and reach new levels of both transparency and security by creating an ecosystem for the geoworld based on blockchain technology. We team up with world-leading content and software providers to offer geo-infrastructure, bringing together data, software and processing power. Cloudeo is dedicated to generating a greater value and a unique way to easily access geodata by bringing together all those who create, interpret and use it.


cloudeo blockchain network

developing and managing projects in the open-source environment

cloudeo IoT geo-engine
an overarching interface that allows billions of devices to request, obtain, and use geodata

cloudeo store
one-stop shop for all kinds of satellite and airborne imagery, geo-software, analytics, IT and apps

cloudeo smart contracts
self-executing agreements among network participants represented by cloudeo crypto-tokens

cloudeo tokens
preferred method of payment for all geodata and geoservices related transactions. cloudeo tokens are fully suitable for micropayments, and they will be traded on crypto currency exchanges


cloudeo services

cloudeo is dedicated to generating greater value from geodata by bringing together all those who create, interpret and use it.

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Enhance your business workflows with our professional GeoServices, and benefit from the world's vast offerings of geodata. Amongst many others we offer multi-purpose remote sensing imagery, elevation data, thematic maps and analytics. With our highly automated services we free our customers from searching, preprocessing and downloading data. Get geoinformation for agriculture, forestry, marine, real estate, telecom, and utilities - and many more, produced by analytics of our partners, world-leading experts in remote sensing and GIS.
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Speed up your application development and reduce your time to market with our GeoService Incubators. At minimum costs, you get access to a high volume of multi-source data together with software and IT to develop and test your applications. CloudEO supports you in developing new geo applications by providing you with access to data, software tools and unlimited processing power.Our experts for product marketing and communications help you to package and present the products and get feedback from a global market.
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CloudEO's virtual remote sensing environment is the ideal pre-sales environment. It lets potential customers test your software and applications without having to install any software or provide any additional data. Of course, potential customers can use their own data so that real results are generated. This can dramatically shorten the sales cycle, lessen the burden on sales teams and make validation easier and quicker.
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Cloudeo offers a platform for any type of geodata. If you produce earth observation data from space, airborne imagery, Lidar data, elevation data, land cover analysis, feature layers or any other data with geospatial relevance, you can generate additional revenue by offering your services on our store.
You can deliver your products and services through CLOUDEO Store via download or web-service. CLOUDEO Store is flexible: just choose the delivery format that best suits the requirements of your business and your customer. And CloudEO handles it all, including authentication, registration, security and reliability. Our pay-to-use model enables you to scale up your operation rapidly, while only paying for the resources you use.
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What's Happening

Is blockchain the future of the geosector?


In today’s globalized world, accessibility is one of the most important privileges. We want to take this accessibility to the next level and bypass restrictions such as currencies and converting them. We have launched a blockchain venture to be on the forefront of data collection and the provision of location services critical to expanding the Internet of Things and the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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Cloudeo plans both ICO and IPO in 2018


These days everyone is talking about Blockchain, but no one is really doing it. The Munich-based start-up cloudeo is doing it. Cloudeo sells geodata, plans to go public and raised millions in the pre-IPO phase. On top of that their own cryptocurrency is to be launched on the market.

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L8GENESIS: The tool that makes Landsat-8 data useful and comprehensive


With Landsat-8 anyone has access to high-value data for free. That is great, but not everyone has the expertise to also retrieve insightful results from that data.
We are excited to present our recently launched product L8GENESIS from Exogenesis, because it was developed to solve that problem.

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Dr. Manfred Krischke, CEO and Co-Founder CloudEO AG #space #satellite #geoservices

Dr. Ursula Benz, COO and Co-Founder CloudEO AG #space #dataanalysis #geoservices


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