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Geodata meets cryptocurrency

cloudeo and cbn foundation are hosting a meetup on geodata and cryptocurrency (cleo token) on July 19th in Munich.

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EOhopS - open again!

Free commercial EO data, software and analytics in a hosted environment funded by ESA for research projects.

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Building a Google, Amazon, Apple-App-Store for Geodata

I am Manfred Krischke, CEO and founder of cloudeo.
As a trained rocket scientist (as the saying goes), I have acquired the discipline of looking at a problem holistically. What better holistic view can there be of the earth than looking at it from above?

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CloudEO and Geo University Have Teamed Up to Make You a Geo-expert

GIS and Geography are becoming more and important not only in the geosector or in clearly geo-related business, but also in a variety of different fields. However, compared to other specialist areas, there has been a widening gap in knowledge and corresponding training courses available in the fields of GIS, RSI, and Earth Observation in general. Cloudeo is now teaming up with Geo University in order to tackle these issues.

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Big Earth Datacube Analytics Made Easy

BigDataCube project started to develop flexible and scalable services for massive spatio-temporal Earth Observation data.

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Is blockchain the future of the geosector?

In today’s globalized world, accessibility is one of the most important privileges. We want to take this accessibility to the next level and bypass restrictions such as currencies and converting them. We have launched a blockchain venture to be on the forefront of data collection and the provision of location services critical to expanding the Internet of Things and the development of Artificial Intelligence.

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L8GENESIS: The tool that makes Landsat-8 data useful and comprehensive

With Landsat-8 anyone has access to high-value data for free. That is great, but not everyone has the expertise to also retrieve insightful results from that data.
We are excited to present our recently launched product L8GENESIS from Exogenesis, because it was developed to solve that problem.

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Live Webinar/Dec 14th/Landsat-8

Access to free data is one thing. Finding the right images, processing them and generating meaningful information from them is another. Join this live webinar to learn more about extracting critical information to develop leading geoanalytics products from Landsat-8 data.

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Explore the potential of revealing land cover characteristics

Explore the potential of revealing main land cover characteristics and find out how TimeScan can support geospatial analysts and service providers to generate advanced land cover and land use classifications faster and with higher reliability.

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We are at INTERGEO 2017

Once again in 2017, the leading international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management will take place in Berlin. It is one of the key platforms for industry dialogue around the world and a good way to connect and share new ideas.

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NEXTMap as a Service - unique offering on CloudEO

We are proud to be mentioned in Intermap's 'Spotlight on Partners' and can only give the compliment back: we are happy to be able to rely on a partnership based on teamwork, support and innovation.

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CloudEO Blockchain Network Foundation (CBN Foundation) has been established

Together with Datarella, an established blockchain solutions provider, CloudEO initiated a non-for-profit foundation (CloudEO Blockchain Network Foundation or CBN Foundation) to build a decentralized ecosystem of geodata providers who deliver affordable geoservices to individuals, businesses, industry, and the public sector.

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Easy, professional and low cost: SAR analysis with PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench! .

With PHOTOMOD Radar Workbench from Racurs, you get access to professional SAR processing tools with a rich library to simplify frequently used workflows. Use Sentinel-1 or commercial SAR imagery for your tasks in land cover monitoring, change detection, sea wave-, ship-, and oil slick detection, for generation of digital terrain models, or the estimation of subsidence with millimeter accuracy.

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Up-to-date landcover maps at your finger tips!

We are excited to present our newly launched GeoService Silvisense from Science [&] Technology AS! Using advanced analytics on Sentinel-2 data it provides a detailed land cover map for your area of interest - reliable, fully automated and available within few hours after data acquisition.

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Launch of Smart Cloud GeoService "ShowMySite"

CloudEO and DigitalGlobe have signed an agreement to provide GeoServices with powerful high-resolution satellite imagery. ShowMySite is the first CloudEO product powered by DigitalGlobe Basemap, providing access to imagery from DigitalGlobe’s vast Image Library hosted online.

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Learn how to get full functionality of ENVI and SARscape for rent on a virtual desktop! Join our webinar on 5 July.

Do you have a project that requires high-powered analytics, access to data, and the computing power to chew through it... and you only need it for a short period of time? Then attend our free, live webinar Geospatial Analytics When, Where, and How You Need Them.

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ESA Leads the Way to Further Democratize GeoData and GeoServices Use for R&D

Today the European Space Agency (ESA) announces opening of a new Earth Observation (EO) data hosted-processing facility ran by ESA and hosted by CloudEO, a Munich-based start-up company, which will be managing this service for ESA on the EOhopS portal. This free offer is limited to R&D users from academia and industries.

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We congratulate our partner Maerospace to big success! Maerospace wins multi-year contract from canadian government

Maerospace Corporation, a Waterloo, Ontario-based Canadian company announced a contract award from the Government of Canada to supply enhanced maritime domain awareness services.

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