Up-to-date landcover maps at your finger tips!


We are excited to present our newly launched GeoService Silvisense from Science [&] Technology AS! Using advanced analytics on Sentinel-2 data it provides a detailed land cover map for your area of interest - reliable, fully automated and available within few hours after data acquisition. With a distinction between 3 density types of forest, grassland and agriculture, Silvisense landcover map is of special benefit for many forestry applications, from stand exams to watershed assessments and other numerous forest and agriculture-related attributes. This service is designed for European areas, but works as well great for many other locations in the world.

Click here to subscribe to the service for your area of interest. You can select between a one time map or book a monitoring service with up to biweekly updates.

The onboarding of Silvisense on CloudEO GeoMarketplace was performed within the ESA project CIINDY. We thank ESA for all the support and especially for funding the connection to IPT Poland for easy Sentinel data access and cloud computing facilities.



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