Explore the potential of revealing land cover characteristics


We are excited to present our product TimeScan, which is a GeoService developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Explore the potential of revealing main land cover characteristics and find out how TimeScan can support geospatial analysts and service providers to generate advanced land cover and land use classifications faster and with higher reliability. It calculates most significant spectral indices and helps you to track their statistics over time. The possibilities and benefits of Timescan are widely spread and there is still more that has yet to be discovered.

Also for those, who don't really need a detailed statistical analysis for the selected spectral indices, but are more interested in getting a first insight on the main indicators for built-up areas, water bodies and vegetation, timeScan is definitely the right solution. With TimeScan Basic we offer a false color composite, which helps you to get a quick overview and first insights.

TimeScan is available off the shelf for Africa and Germany 2013-2014, but if you are interested in other areas or other time periods, our service TimeScan on Demand will be the right service for you.



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