L8GENESIS: The tool that makes Landsat-8 data useful and comprehensive


With Landsat-8 anyone has access to high-value data for free. That is great, but not everyone has the expertise to also retrieve insightful results from that data. Finding the right images, processing them and generating meaningful information often requires a lot of knowledge and experience or takes too much time. Consequently, extracting meaningful information from Landsat-8 data often remains reserved only for those who are coming from a background in geoanalytics or remote sensing.

Therefore we are excited to present our recently launched product L8GENESIS from Exogenesis.
L8GENESIS was developed to solve exactly that problem. It helps visualize and comprehend information from Landsat-8 imagery. As the most comprehensive analysis tool for Landsat-8, itis a great asset for any geospatial professional, looking to quickly process, transform, and generate products from Landsat-8 imagery. With one single command, a very comprehensive phenomenology analysis is being performed for a complete Landsat scene, in only a few minutes.

What makes L8GENESIS such a great product is that it is fully automated in for processing and generating information products from Landsat-8 data. This gives even novices in remote sensing the chance to make the most out of Landsat-8 data and use it to support their business decisions in each of the four phenomenology domains: hydrological, vegetation, geological and impervious.

L8GENESIS removes all the hassle of handling raw data and time-consuming pre-processing. Instead, it delivers easy to use thematic maps indicating, for example, vegetation health, soil degradation, mineral content of the land surface or the extent of impervious areas within a few minutes.
For people in the mining business, for example, the indicators for mineralogical content can give them quick info for their mining and construction projects. Soil degradations and vegetation indicators can support land planning projects efficiently on medium and large areas.

To make the service even more flexible, we also offer L8GENESIS as a monitoring service, which allows our customers to monitor an area for a specific period of time and get regular updates and alerts.

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