Launch of Smart Cloud GeoService "ShowMySite"


CloudEO and DigitalGlobe have signed an agreement to provide GeoServices with powerful high-resolution satellite imagery. ShowMySite is the first CloudEO product powered by DigitalGlobe Basemap, providing access to imagery from DigitalGlobe’s vast Image Library hosted online.
The application is available now in the CloudEO Store as an online subscription service allowing users to analyse current and historical imagery to identify changes for any location in the world. Users get access to the most accurate and highest resolution data, up to 31cm. This level of detail allows construction, real estate, agriculture or insurance businesses the ability to assess developments on the ground, spanning information going back up to 15 years – they simply go to ShowMySite to receive visual analysis and printout. Researchers will find this useful to validate their analytics. The application is unique because it is cost-efficient and makes use of the rich DigitalGlobe Basemap imagery. The exact time stamps on the images provides capture date and time validation and are good for documentation where location and time are important factors. Webclient and API are also available.
Cloud architectures offer unprecedented ways of accessing, storing, processing and analysing big data. This trend currently disrupts the field of GeoServices, especially when it comes to the utilisation of big data from space, produced by satellites. This is where CloudEO comes into play - the Munich-based start-up is a pioneer of bringing the “shared economy” concept to GeoServices industry.



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