NEXTMap as a Service - unique offering on CloudEO


We are proud to be mentioned in Intermap's 'Spotlight on Partners' and can only give the compliment back: we are happy to be able to rely on a partnership based on teamwork, support and innovation.

By making Visibility Analysis a part of our Geomarketplace, we took one more step towards a future of affordable GeoServices for everyone. Visibility analysis plays an important role for the impact assessment of different infrastructures in planning projects. Our visibility service offers comprehensive and affordable analyses to planning consultancies that usually conduct Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA), developers that apply for planning permissions and authorities that are responsible for planning at state, regional and municipal level.
They can include the resulting visibility maps into their planning processes and thus determine the impact of different objects on landscape quality in a certain area.

On this note we are happy to have Intermap as our partner on our mission to make Geodata affordable and accessible for everyone. We are looking forward to future projects!



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